61th Oahu Country Club Men's Invitational
July 11-13, 2024



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Dear Past Participant,
The Board of Directors and members of the Oahu Country Club are pleased to extend our invitation to you for the 2024 O.C.C. Men's Invitational Golf Tournament. This tournament began in 1963 and this year’s event will be our 61st Annual.

The tournament will be held on July 11-12, 2024 with the field cut to the low 30 players and ties for Saturday's Final Round on July 13, 2024.
The event will be featuring a “Super Senior Flight” (players 70 and over, Senior Flight (players 55 and over) and Mid-Amateur Flight (players 25 and over) will be contested over the first two rounds (36-holes). Both Senior Flights will have a gross and net pay-off. The Mid-Amateur Flight will have a gross pay-off. The Championship Flight will be contested over 54-holes, with a gross pay- off. A cut will be made after 36-holes to the low thirty gross scores and ties.

Any Championship Flight, Mid-Amateur Flight, or Senior Flight making the cut as part of the top 30 gross scores and ties will be eligible to play on Saturday if they choose.

The tournament will be strictly an invitational event with the field limited to the first 90 eligible players and will be played in threesomes from the Blue Tees (Super Senior – White Tees).

To be eligible:
1. “Championship Flight” - male amateurs with a GHIN handicap index of 7.0 and lower.
2. “Mid-Amateur Flight” male amateurs (25 years and older) with a GHIN handicap index of 7.0 and lower.
3. “Senior Flight” male amateur’s (age 55 or older) with a GHIN index of 14.0 and lower
4. “Super Senior Flight” male amateur’s (70 and older) with a GHIN index of 18.0 and lower.
To ensure your spot, please return your application form (enclosed) as soon as possible. The entry deadline is Monday, July 1, 2024 or until the field of 90 players is full.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the 61st Annual Oahu Country Club Men's Invitational Tournament.

Brandan Kop
Tournament Co-Chair

Brian Pang
Tournament Co-Chair

Men_s Invitational

Oahu Country Club Men’s Invitational Past Champions

2023 Keita Okada
2023 Matt Ma – Mid Am Champion
2023 Brandan Kop – Senior Champion
2023 Shigeru Matsui – Super Senior Champion
2022 Tyler Ogawa
2022 Shawn Sakoda, Mid Am Champion
2022 Jonathan Ota, Senior Champion
2022 Phillip Anamizu, Super Senior Champion
  1992 Larry Stubblefield
1992 Wally Iwasaki, Senior Champion
2021 Kyle Nakazaki
2021 Kyle Nakazaki Mid Am Champion
2021 Brandan Kop Senior Champion
2021 Phil Anamizu, Super Senior Champion

1991 Neil Simms
1991 Wendell Kop, Senior Champion

2019 Tyler Ota
2019 Nick Ushijima, Mid Am Champion
2019 Jonathan Ota, Senior Champion
2019 Phil Anamizu, Super Senior Champion

1990 Daryl Inaba

2018 Shawn Lu
2018 Chad Umetsu, Mid Am Champion
2018 Mike Kawate, Senior Champion

1989 Wendell Kop

2017 Shawn Lu
2017 Joe Phengsavath, Mid Am Champion
2017 Carl Ho, Senior Champion

1988 Eric Sonnenberg

2016 Jun Ho Won
2016 Brandan Kop, Senior Champion

1987 Stuart Holmes

2015 Tyler Ota
2015 Scott Ichimura, Senior Champion

1986 Wendell Kop

2014 Nainoa Calip
2014 Gary Kong, Senior Champion

1985 Casey Nakama

2013 Jared Sawada
2013 Carl Ho, Senior Champion

1984 Casey Nakama

2012 Matthew Ma
2012 Merv Matsumoto, Senior Champion

1983 Casey Nakama

2011 Matthew Ma
2011 Paul Kimura, Senior Champion

1982 Larry Stubblefield

2010 David Fink
2010 Phil Anamizu, Senior Champion

1981 Kalua Makalena

2009 Lorens Chan
2009 Phil Anamizu, Senior Champion

1980 Donald Hurter

2008 Alex Ching
2008 Gary Kong, Senior Champion

1979 Henry Naki

2007 Alex Ching
2007 George Yamamoto, Senior Champion

1978 David Ishii

2006 Tadd Fujikawa
2006 Tom Goodbody, Senior Champion

1977 Walter Morgan

2005 Blaine Kimura
2005 Russ McGarry, Senior Champion

1976 Allan Yamamoto

2004 Jonathan Ota
2004 Russ McGarry, Senior Champion

1975 Allan Yamamoto

2003 Mervin Matsumoto
2003 Russ McGarry, Senior Champion

1974 Greg Dikilato

2002 Ryan Koshi
2002 Mervin Matsumoto, Senior Champion

1973 Dan Nishimoto

2001 Parker McLachlin
2001 George Yamamoto, Senior Champion

1972 Owen Douglas, Jr.

2000 Joe Phengsavath
2000 George Yamamoto, Senior Champion

1971 Owen Douglas, Jr.

1999 Eric Sonnenberg
1999 George Yamamoto, Senior Champion

1969 Owen Douglas, Jr

1998 Brandan Kop
1998 Chuck Kozak, Senior Champion

1968 Owen Douglas, Jr.

1997 Damien Jamila
1997 Wendell Kop, Senior Champion

1967 Ken Miyaoka

1996 Larry Stubblefield
1996 Art Costas, Senior Champion

1966 Hung Soo Ahn

1995 Damien Jamila
1995 Art Costas, Senior Champion

1965 Owen Douglas, Jr.

1994 Guy Yamamoto
1994 Wendell Kop, Senior Champion

1964 Allan Yamamoto

1993 William Coelho
1993 Les Uyehara, Senior Champion

1963 Paul Spengler, Jr.

Women’s Invitational

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Men's Invitational

60th (2024) Annual Oahu Country Club 
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