Membership Categories

There are numerous categories of membership at Oahu Country Club. Each category of membership carries with it different privileges, different initiation fees and different monthly dues as follows:

Regular Membership

Regular members have full membership privileges, including unlimited golfing benefits, use of the Clubhouse, pool, and fitness center.  Additionally, Regular members have voting rights on all matters concerning Club policy.   

Intermediate Membership

Intermediate members are golfing members between the ages of 21 to 44. The Intermediate membership has limited golfing and full clubhouse privileges, but no voting rights until they turn 45 and transfer into the Regular category. Because initiation fees are discounted, the Intermediate membership category makes it possible for young men and women to join O.C.C.  

Social Membership

As of June 1, 2014, the Social Membership category is closed to new and reinstating members.  Social Members have access to all aspects of the club with the exception of Regular golfing privileges and voting rights. 

Recreation Membership

Recreation members have full access to the Clubhouse, Pool and Fitness center. Additionally, Recreation members are allowed to golf once a month at the guest green rate.

Dining Membership

Dining members have access to all of the Club's dining facilities, the ability to host a sponsor function in the Clubhouse, and can attend the Club's social events

Special Non-Resident Golf Memberships

The membership is available to U.S. citizens who are not residents of Hawaii. Special Non-Resident Golf. Member have access to all aspects of the Club, Including limited golfing privileges. 

Social Non-Resident Membership

This membership is available to U.S. citizens who either live on another island other than Oahu or live on the mainland U.S.   Social Non-Residents have the same privileges as Social members. Those that live on another island pay monthly dues and those that live other than Hawaii pay yearly dues.

International Membership

International members have golfing and full clubhouse privileges.  This membership is available to non U.S. citizens.

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