What types of memberships do you offer?  

Please see our section on Membership Categories for more information.

How long does it take to become a member?  

Our membership process takes approximately two months.  For more information please see Invitation Process

What are the costs associated with membership?  

Members of Oahu Country Club are required to pay a onetime initiation fee as part of the invitation process. Additionally, members pay monthly dues and fees and there is a quarterly food and beverage minimum for most membership categories.  For specific fees, please contact Membership Director, Melissa Warner, to request information

I am interested in becoming a member, but I do not know any current members.  What do I do?

With a membership of over 1000 individuals, it is likely that some of your friends and colleagues are members of OCC.  Please contact our Membership Director, Melissa Warner, to request information and for additional assistance.  

I am coming to Oahu Country Club for an event.  What is the dress code?  

Please see Guest Information tab.

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